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Trapp Cinnamon Cider Wax Melts

Trapp Cinnamon Cider Wax Melts

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Trapp Seasonal Wax Melts: New Cinnamon Cider! 



Trapp Home Fragrance Melt Cinnamon Cider FRESH APPLE, CINNAMON STICK, HONEY Like making your favorite batch of warm cider in the fall - notes of juicy, fresh apples infused with honey and cinnamon. Autumn's perfect combination. Immerse yourself in this smooth and sweet aroma. - 2.6-ounce home fragrance wax melt - Approximate burn time of up to 30 hours - Package includes 8 wax pieces - Best for use in the Trapp wax warmer (will work in any wax warmer) - Guaranteed to fill your room with fragrance