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3-PACK "Holiday" Votive Candle 2.1oz

3-PACK "Holiday" Votive Candle 2.1oz

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3-PACK HOLIDAY VOTIVES Fragrance Notes: Cinnamon, Gingerbread, Bourbon Vanilla

The perfect way to try the brand or a new fragrance. Trapp candles are formulated to fill a room with fragrance - even a votive. The votive candle burns for an impressive 15-20 hours. Drop it in your favorite vessel, light it and wait for your room to fill with fragrance.

Holiday staples of cinnamon, spiced raisins and gingerbread harmoniously blend to create a welcoming festive fragrance.

More than any other piece of home decor, a candle is a sign of life. If a candle is lit, that means someone is home. With ingredients sourced from the highest-quality botanicals, Trapp products are filled with more fragrance than anything else on the shelf.

• 2-ounce soy wax blend votive candle
• Approximate burn time of 15-20 hours
• Allows you to discover new favorite Trapp fragrances, perfect for use throughout your home
• Guaranteed to fill your room with fragrance